Understand the market, design a strategy, conquer!

High valuations and sluggish growth in the developed world has gotten many investors looking into so called frontier and emerging markets. While it is true that younger and recovering economies present numerous opportunities, attention to detail and access to the right information are paramount. The prospect of high yield comes with high risks. The right knowledge is the difference in one’s ability to leverage and mitigate such risks.

In these markets, what some may perceive as a “learning curve” can rapidly translate into a very costly failure. At Further Markets, our attitude is very objective and straight forward – we apply our actual experience, knowledge and track record to assist our clients. Although we are sector agnostic, most of our experience lies on Finance, Energy, Natural Resources and Logistic. We operate in 3 major Areas: Deal Sourcing and Origination, Commercial Due Diligence and Strategic Marketing.


Deal Sourcing & Origination 

We matchmake capital to investment opportunities, straight to the right partners. We source deals to prospective investors in selected market sectors and geography. Our aim is to facilitate introductions and assist companies to connect and pitch equity and debt opportunities to potential investors. We accompany our clients on the ground, connecting and facilitating relationships with key stakeholders. We assist investors with their strategy to enter new markets in Africa. We work in collaboration with Uhusiano Capital, our regulated partners,  to help and structure financial deals.


Commercial Due Diligence

We assist with the evaluation of true potential and opportunity of an asset in Africa, producing bespoke industry and market studies according to our clients’ needs. We survey marketplaces, delivering comprehensive reports about current and potential competition. We assess market conditions and forecasts in line with a company’s profile and potential. We research and report on integrity, political and reputational profile. In association with our partners, we can also provide both legal and financial due diligence.


Strategic Marketing 

We guide our clients towards creating and delivering the right narrative, tailored to their target audience. We produce market research to deliver solutions while addressing cultural challenges and nuances faced by foreign investors in Africa. Through our proprietary platform (Furtherafrica.com), we distribute targeted content, creating and safeguarding the right reputation of our clients’ image in a specific market. We draft commercial strategies and action plans, in accordance with the reality of the local market and we create and manage content for different marketing channels.