What We Do

Control the Narrative and you will control your story

Dictate your own path instead of leaving it to others

Although Africa has some of the fastest growing numbers of internet users in the world, its content is still very primitive.

Most of it is largely created by ivy leaguers seating in comfortable offices of mainstream media in Europe and America. Their best pre-conceptions came from National Geographic and the scarce trips to single countries. Yet somehow they are the “authority” in the subject.

By creating, monitoring and properly distributing information, one can communicate with its target market, designing an appropriate digital footprint that delivers the right message.

Sourcing & Origination


Matching capital to investment opportunities to the right partner
  • We source deals to prospective investors in the requested market sector and geography
  • We introduce and assist companies to connect and pitch equity and debt opportunities to potential investors
  • We accompany our clients in the ground, connecting and facilitating relationships with key stakeholders
  • We assist investors in their strategy to enter new markets in Africa

Commercial Due Diligence


Understanding the real value and true potential of an asset in Africa
  • We produce bespoke industry and market studies according to ourclient needs
  • We survey the marketplace, delivering comprehensive reports about current and potential competition
  • We assess market conditions and forecasts in line with a company profile and potential
  • We research and report on integrity, political and reputational profile

Strategic Marketing


Delivering the right message, adjusted to your target audience
  • We produce marketing research delivering solutions for cultural challenges and nuances
  • With our proprietary platform, we distribute target content creating and safeguarding the right reputation to our client’s image in the market
  • We draft commercial strategies, in accordance with the reality of the local market
  • We create and manage content for different marketing channels